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Justice-Centered Research and Community Collaboration

We recognize that research has historically worked against marginalized peoples to enable colonialism and systems of oppression, and that the powerful tools of research have strategically been made inaccessible for community-based organizations. To counter this legacy of research injustice we work together to develop projects by and for working-class people, migrants, and communities of color that can help lead a more just world. The principles of research justice require that community members affected by the research have an active hand in shaping the complete research process from start to finish in empowering ways. We believe that community-based organizations and stakeholders should have the power to define research objectives, processes, and products and that research skill-building be shared with those impacted by the research. In doing so, the CLP creates a positive relationship between communities in San Diego-Tijuana and the La Jolla university campus.

UCSD Community and Labor Project Program Areas

  • Labor and Economic Justice: emphasizing partnerships to support and empower labor and economic rights activism in the San Diego-Tijuana region.
    • Sexual Assault in the Custodial Services Industry: A Video / Media Exclusive
  • Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice, with special emphasis on the intersections of the prison and detention industrial complex and the unique experiences of communities of color on the U.S.-Mexico border.
    • Migrant and Deportee Resource Map of Tijuana
    • Mass Incarceration and Mass Deportation Popular Education Curriculum
    • Policy Analysis: Changing Identification Laws in San Diego and Tijuana to Empower Migrant Workers
  • Environmental Justice: including the impacts of environmental racism and climate change on health, communities, and the environment, as well as exploring connections between the environment, labor, poverty, militarism, and colonization. 
    • Toxicity in the Borderlands: the State of Environmental Justice in San Diego
  • Corporate Research: critical investigation of corporations and their impacts on society, including the investigation of economic policy and international trade.
  • Nurturing the Growth of Community-Based Knowledges, Traditions, and Collective Self-Determination: providing tools and support for communities to develop their own knowledge production activities.

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