Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Abigail Andrews

    Abigail Andrews

    Sociology Department and Urban Studies and Planning Department

    Research Interests: Globalization, Development, Gender, Migration, Political Sociology, Latinos / Latin America, Urban Studies, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods.

  • Dennis Childs

    Dennis Childs

    Literature Department, Ethnic Studies Department

    Director, African American Studies Minor Program

    Research Interests: Prison Studies, Slavery Studies, African American Literature, Legal Studies, Blues, American Literature, Racial Gothic Literature.

  • Zeinabu Davis

    Zeinabu Davis

    Communication Department, Critical Gender Studies Department

    Research Interests: Mass media, Film History, World Cinema, Folklore, African and African American cinema, African American Women, Black Deaf Culture. Dr. Davis is also an award winning filmmaker.

  • Ricardo R. Dominguez

    Ricardo R. Dominguez

    Visual Arts Department

    Research Interests: Cultural Theory, Gender Studies, Cognitive Science, Digital Media, Latin American Art, Art Theory and Politics, Performance Art, Critical Pedagogy, Social Movements, Marxism.

  • Fatima El-Tayeb

    Fatima El-Tayeb

    Ethnic Studies and Literature Department

    Associate Director of Critical Gender Studies

    Research Interests: African Diaspora Studies, Queer Theory, Transnational Feminism, Film Studies, European Migrant and Minority Cultures, Queer of Color Critique, Visual Cultural Studies, Media Theory.

  • Curtis Marez

    Curtis Marez

    Ethnic Studies Department Chair

    Research Interests: Visual culture (TV, film, new media) and difference; Chicana/o media and social movements; critical university studies; race in digital culture; farm workers in a global frame.

  • Luis Martín-Cabrera

    Luis Martín-Cabrera

    Associate Professor of Peninsular and Latin American Literature and Culture

    Research Interests: Marxism and Psychoanalysis as a theoretical matrix toddress a series of problems such as the politics of memory in Spain and Latin America, the convoluted relationship between market, culture and State, the privatization of the public university, the critique of Neo-liberalism in Latin America and the development of intersectional analysis (the asymmetrical relationship between race, gender, class, and sexuality) as a tool to rethink labor history, neo-colonialism, migration and the global and national struggles against the expansion of capitalism.

  • Amanda Solomon Amorao

    Amanda Solomon Amorao

    Sixth College Interim Director of Culture, Art, and Technology Writing Program

    Research Interests: Asian American Studies, Filipino American Literature, Transnational Labor Studies, Immigration, Filipino History, Culture, and Identity, Community Service Learning, Transformative Pedagogy.

  • Shelley Streeby

    Shelley Streeby

    Ethnic Studies Department and Literature Department

    Director of Ethnic Studies Graduate Studies

    Research Interests: 19th and 20th Century US Literature and Culture; Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies; Comparative Colonialisms, War, and Cultural Memory; Fantasy, SF, and Speculative Fiction; Gender Studies and Queer Theory; Film, Media, and Visual Culture; Labor, Transnational Social Movements, and Radical History; American Studies.

  • Daphne Taylor-Garcia

    Daphne Taylor-Garcia

    Ethnic Studies Department

    Research Interests: Comparative colonialisms in the Americas; the coloniality of gender, sexuality, and being; visual economies of the casta system and plantation slavery; lumpen phenomenology; cultural studies; decolonial theory and politics.

  • Brad Werner

    Brad Werner

    Complex Systems Laboratory, Climate, Atmospheric Sciences & Physical Oceanography Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

    Research Interests: Complex Systems, Self-Organization, Geophysical Pattern Formation and Patterns in Vegetation, Arctic Landscapes, Permafrost, Glaciers, Ice Sheets and Glacial Geomorphology, Nonlinear Dynamics of Human-Landscape Interactions, Theory and Philosophy of Modelling, Models for the Dynamics of Science and Human Consciousness, and Environmental Justice.

  • Edwina Welch

    Edwina Welch

    Cross Cultural Center Director
  • Tom Wong

    Tom Wong

    Political Science Department

    Director of the International Migration Studies Program Minor

    Research Interests: The Politics of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant "Illegality," Race, Ethnicity, the Politics of Identity, Law and Policy, and Quantitative Research Methods. 


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