Mission Statement 

Who We Are and What is Our Vision

The Community and Labor Project (CLP) is dedicated to ensuring that the University of California- San Diego works for the greater San Diego-Tijuana community under the principles of research justice and equitable participation based on the needs of workers and marginalized community members. We recognize that research has historically enabled colonialism and systems of oppression, and that the powerful tools of research have strategically been made inaccessible for community-based organizations. To counter this legacy of research injustice we will work together to develop projects by and for working-class people, migrants, Indigenous communities, and communities of color that can help lead a more just world. In doing so, the CLP will create a positive and much needed relationship between communities in San Diego-Tijuana and the La Jolla-based university campus. The CLP will work to connect with real people and their local struggles to students, professors, and faculty at the university who are invested in working together to make social change. CLP supports diverse efforts to create a just society and help achieve a sustainable quality of life for all.


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